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Fiveingold.com presents ranked top 5 lists of stocks and currencies. It is named after a line in "The Great Figure" by William Carlos Williams, the beginning of which reads as follows:

"Among the rain
and lights
I saw the figure 5
in gold"

Since the site presents ranked top 5 lists, it is showing a "golden 5" set of winners from the market's recent past.

This site tracks all stocks listed with NYSE and NASDAQ, and 32 top worldwide currencies. Currency strength is measured against the USD. Stock prices are measured at closing. All data and charts are updated once daily. Volatility is calculated as the difference between the mean absolute daily change and the absolute value of mean daily change, normalized by mean value.

This site is maintained by Bradford Tuckfield, a data scientist and recent PhD graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Please note: this site is meant to provide information. It is not meant to offer financial advice or recommendations. Recent trends are not guarantees of future performance. Top growth stocks may continue growing, but they are often inflated and poised for a sharp decrease. Sometimes recent drastic trends are only corrections that are part of a longer-term trend in the opposite direction. While we strive for both accuracy and timeliness, we guarantee neither. Use the information here as a source of ideas rather than a set of recommendations, and always do thorough research before making any trades.

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